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Electric Car Buying Made Easy... At Every Step.

Electrifyze makes each stage of your EV journey easy. From learning about EVs, to finding your perfect car, to understanding costs and incentives, to finding a great deal, and to redeeming incentives, Electrifyze is here to help!
Wondering if an EV is right for you?

Learn EV Basics & Car Buying Tips

Learn if an EV is right for you with info about EV basics, range, charging, and more.
Learn tips and tricks to navigate EV buying like a pro, with info on incentives, out the door costs, and how to find the best deal.
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Not sure which car to get?

Find Your EV, Discover Incentives

See all the electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the market, learn the details, and find the one that’s right for you.
Find incentives that are available in your area, and learn how much you qualify for.
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Already know which car you want?

Estimate Costs, Find the Best Deal

Choose your trim, colors, and options. Estimate out-the-door costs, and monthly payments.
Search for inventory, find discounts and offers, and find the best deal on the car you want.
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Already got your EV?

Redeem Incentives, Install Charging

Use our Incentives Assistant to get help redeeming all the incentives you’re eligible for.
Get help navigating the process of installing a charger at home.
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Have questions along the way? Introducing…

Your Very Own FREE Car Buying Coach

Your car buying coach is here to help with anything you need along the way. From answering questions, to sharing tips and tricks, to helping you negotiate with dealers, and more, our friendly and expert staff is here to help you navigate EV buying with confidence.

What People Are Saying

My coach was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions about available incentives for my recent EV purchase. He was friendly and responsive from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it for anyone thinking about buying an EV!

- Lea M.

I really appreciate how smooth the process was, especially since my partner and I were initially uncertain about what we wanted. The first phone calls with my coach got us on the same page quickly and really helped us stay organized in our search. All follow-up communications were thorough and timely. We ended up getting a great deal on the perfect EV for us with no hassle!

- Therese O.

This program is very helpful for first time buyers of electric vehicles! My coach really helped organize the large amount of confusing information out there about EV’s and effectively answered my questions about charging and incentives. It made it a lot simpler to find the right EV for me.

- William D.

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